Did you know? Making pottery is one of the oldest crafts in the world. The oldest known ceramics in the Americas date back to almost 10,000 years ago. Imagine something you make today surviving for millennia, then studied and displayed in museums around the world!

The processes we use at MudLOVE to create your mug aren't much different than they were thousands of years ago. The original potters used mud, water, and fire to create their pots too. Those potter's names are lost to history. But we refuse to let our potter's names disappear. Let's get to know the team making your future artifact!

This is Aubrey, Laura, Nathan, and Ben. We asked them this question:

If someone discovered your mug 1000 years from now, what would you want them to know about you?

Laura says: If you found a laurel branch maker's mark, that laurel branch represents my name. Laura means "crowned with laurels." Back in the day, victors would be crowned or anointed with a laurel branch. I'm also overly perfectionistic making these mugs, but I delight in the simple, lovely things of life.

Aubrey says: If you found my maker's mark you'd see it is a sun. My mark is based on a verse in the Bible that talks about the radiance of God. I would want people to know that I love Jesus and I tried to shine God. I know this is super cheesy. So I take it all back because I don't want to be known for being cheesy!

Nathan says: My maker's mark is a spiral with an element exiting the spiral. It represents how life can spin out of control and stay in that cycle. The arrow represents the fact that there is a way to exit that spiral. My mark also has an element of centering: centering yourself on God or the spirit. I'd like people to know that I'm more than just enthusiastic. Everyone is more than just their outward actions or their initial impression.

Ben doesn't have a maker's mark because he's not throwing for us... yet! But as an integral part of the glazing process, here's what he'd like future generations to know: I want to glorify God through the gifts he's give me. I take time to use them so others will enjoy them for generations to come. At the end of the day it's about the craftsmanship that went into each pottery piece. It's well thought out and designed with purpose for people to enjoy!

Next time you pick up your MudLOVE mug, look for the maker's mark underneath the handle and discover who spent days making your mug! Who knows, your mug could be a relic in a thousand years! And if you happen to break your mug, bury it like a time capsule for future generations to find.

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