Welcome back to MudFOLK, where we get to know the people behind the mud! Today we're chatting with Ben Gruber, glaze master and fishing enthusiast. He's been at MudLOVE for several years now, and we're so thankful to have him on our team!

Hey Ben! What do you wish we knew about your job? 

My job is really cool and awesome at the same. I have the privilege of working alongside other amazing, talented potters and making the clay come alive. At first it is just a lump and in the end, it becomes this beautiful masterpiece that is enjoyed by all. Everyday I get to glaze the mugs all different kinds of colors, ranging from vibrant red to a majestic midnight. An interesting part of my job is all of custom words that I see on mugs and tumblers. When I see the words that the customer chose, I often ask myself what the back-story is behind the word or phrase that they picked. We also have our own DJs: us!! My co-workers have introduced me to all different genres of music: from K-Pop, Bieber, Swift, to modern Christian artists, and so much more. In the end, people get an amazing mug that can change their lives, people receive clean water, lives are changed and memories are made.

Love that. Now, if you could describe your MudLOVE superpower, what would it be?

If I could describe my MudLOVE superpower, it would be the ability to have four hands. Most days I get to help unload/ load kilns. My co-workers jokingly say, 'Ben you need four hands.' If I had four hands I could move faster at the beginning and end of the day. I don’t know how possible this would be or even what it would look like. So a side superpower would be to hide the two extra hands when I don’t need them so that they wouldn’t get in the way.

Amazing! What that *one* thing you're really into right now?

Currently, I am into catching sunsets after work and watching the wildlife at Winona Lake. I enjoy watching God’s beautiful display of the sunset colors fade away. Every sunset is never the same as the night before, each one is unique in its own way. If you have never observed a sunset down at Winona Lake I encourage you to do so. It is not only amazing but you become in awe of the beautifulness.

I know what I'm doing tonight. Finally, what's your favorite MudLOVE product?

Over all the years that I have worked at MudLOVE, we have had many products. It wouldn’t be easy to say that there is just one that is my favorite. Right now, I do enjoy the custom mugs and that is at the top of the list but there is another product that I really enjoy. My favorite product is one of our stock words, joy. As an employee we have the opportunity to pick 5 free bands a month. So I asked my friend which one he would like and he said "joy" with a bright green elastic. I have been blessed to be able to pass this word out to so many people. The stories that they share are amazing. If we all do our part, we can change people’s lives as we do we end up changing ours in the process.

Thanks for sharing a bit about you, Ben! If you purchased a MudLOVE mug in the last couple years, chances are good that Ben glazed your mug! Read the last MudFOLK here.