"Walk4Water was this Saturday, and we had a great event. We’ve been selling MudLOVE merchandise for the past several weeks, and we sold more at the event. Our goal for the walk was to raise $12,000, and we surpassed that goal and raised more than $13,000.

We had about 180 people walk the campus of the University of Alabama with us. We had water filter demonstrations and heard stories from the Healing Hands team about the work they do with their clean water projects. With the amount we raised, we will be able to drill a well in Honduras and donate the extra money to an orphanage in Haiti!

We used the theme “da vida” for the walk, which means “give life” in Spanish. We got custom-made bracelets and mugs and were able to sell them. Those profits contributed significantly to our overall goal. 

We know that what we’re doing, and what you guys do, is exactly that: giving life through clean water and job opportunities to break the cycle of poverty. Thanks so much for what you guys do!" -Gillian R.