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Product Information

Q: Are your products really made of mud? Sounds messy...
A: Despite "Mud" being in our name, our bands and mugs are actually made of clay. Mud just happens to be a common term for clay in the world of pottery.

Q: Where are your products made?
A: All of our clay products are made at our production studio in Warsaw, Indiana.

Q: Help! My band is broken!

A: Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with our Product Replacement Program. Simply submit a product replacement request through this form

Q: Can I sell MudLOVE products in my retail store?
A: We love having our products sold in shops around the world! Please fill out our Wholesale Program application form here, and we’ll see if your store is a good fit.

Q: Can I use your products for a fundraiser?
A: Great idea! We've partnered with lots of amazing people to raise money for lots of amazing causes! To find out more about our fundraiser options, check out our info page here! To purchase products in bulk and sell to friends and family, check out the next question :)

Q: Can I purchase your products in bulk?
A: Yep! If you’d like to order bands or mugs for fundraisers ,corporate gifts, wedding favors, family reunions, or other occasions, shop at MudLOVE Overflow.

General Questions

Q: Where did the name 'MudLOVE' come from?
A: From our founder, Luke:

"The first thing on my to-do list was figuring out a creative name that didn't sound anything like 'Luke Wright Pottery'. I felt that God called me to deny myself in this venture, and that meant not wanting to name the business after me.

With an intent to give back but with no real plan yet, I started a simple chart to get my wheels turning. I first wrote words that had to do with clay, and then words that were important to me. Eventually I settled on 'mud' and 'love'. At first I wasn't sure how to connect them, and I almost settled on 'Mud is Love'. Eventually I had a 'Eureka!' moment and did a one-word name, MudLOVE. (Not Mudd Love. We don't make jeans…)"

Q: Are you a charity or a business?
A: MudLOVE is a for-profit business built on the idea of giving back. From the very beginning, we have worked closely with our nonprofit partner, Water for Good to provide safe, clean water to the people of the Central African Republic. Today, the purchase of each MudLOVE product provides 1 week of clean water to someone in the C.A.R.

Q: Do you accept donations?
A: MudLOVE does not accept donations, but we do encourage you to give to our partner organization, Water for Good! It's easy to make a life-changing gift. Simply visit www.waterforgood.org/donate.

Q: Where can I buy MudLOVE products?
A: You can shop our full catalogue here in our online store, or at our 2 retail locations in northeast Indiana. Certain MudLOVE products are also sold at various retail locations across the country. For a specific location near you, get in touch!

Q: How can I get involved?
A: There are several ways to join the MudLOVE community and make a difference:

Tell your story.
Talk, tweet, post, snap, blog; do whatever it is you kids do these days. Use #mymudlove to share your favorite products with friends and family. Spread hope and show love!

Follow along.
For the latest MudLOVE happenings, connect with us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Sign up.
Join our email list for monthly updates, sales & specials, and a whole lot more!

Help us find new retail partners.
Know of an awesome shop or boutique that should start selling MudLOVE? Let us know here.

Q: Can I get a job or internship with MudLOVE?
A: We’re not hiring at the moment, but we appreciate your interest! As we continue to grow, look for new opportunities to show up.

Q: I saw a MudLOVE kiosk in the mall. Can you tell me more?
A: In 2014, we worked with local business iDNA to discuss the possibility of MudLOVE mall kiosks. After a trial period, we decided that this partnership wasn’t the best fit for our brand moving forward. There are several remaining kiosks out there in the wild, along with a number of independent dealers who will be selling MudLOVE products out on the road at shows. These products are a combination of bands, necklaces and pocket rocks that we made here in the shop, along with some that were produced during a trial run overseas. No matter where they were produced, all of these products provide clean water as part of our giving commitment! If you purchased a product at a MudLOVE mall kiosk, we will also honor it under our lifetime product replacement program.


Q: Will MudLOVE bands fit my wrist?
A: Our bands are adjustable from about 5"-8". They fit almost all wrists (and even some ankles) from kids to adults!

Q: How do I resize my band?
A: Pull the bead to tighten, and slide the knot to loosen.

Q: Is my band waterproof?
A: Yep! Feel free to wear your band in a shower, pool, lake, ocean, lazy river, water balloon fight, etc.


Q: My mug looks different than the one pictured online. What’s up with that?
A: Due to the handmade nature of our pottery, each piece will have a slightly different shape and glaze pattern. If something really seems off, let us know here and we’ll get to the bottom it!

Gift Cards

Q: How do I redeem my MudLOVE E-Gift Card?
A: MudLOVE E-Gift Cards may only be used online at mudlove.com. Once you make it to the checkout screen, enter your gift card code in the box labeled “Gift card or discount code”, and hit “Apply”.

Q: Do MudLOVE E-Gift Cards have any restrictions?
A: Yes, our E-Gift Cards have some restrictions, including:

  • You may not use coupons and other discounts or promotions to purchase E-Gift Cards.
  • E-Gift Cards cannot be used to purchase other E-Gift Cards.
  • E-Gift Cards cannot be returned.
  • E-Gift Cards cannot be used on bulk, fundraiser, or wholesale purchases.
Custom Orders

Q: How many letters can fit on a Custom band?
A: Please refer to our band builder at mudlove.com/customband. If your message fits on the band when you type it out, we'll be able to stamp it! Make sure you adjust the "Spacing" sliders when building your band.

Q: How long does it take to make a Custom band?
A: It currently takes 5-10 business days to make a Custom band. Please take this additional timeframe into account when selecting a shipping method.

Q: Can you put a sports team name or logo on a band?
A: As much as we would love to, we’re unable to print any professional, semi-professional, or college team names or logos. In fact, we can’t print anything that is protected by copyright. If you play in a local athletic league for fun however, we would love to make custom products for your team!

Q: I really don’t like my neighbor. Can I order a band that says how much I dislike him?
A: Well, no. Not really. MudLOVE reserves the right to reject orders containing profanity, vulgarity, and messages of hate. Hopefully you two can talk things out over milk and cookies.