Starts with Mud

MudLOVE products are skillfully crafted from clay by our passionate team of artisans. From bands to mugs, each piece is a unique labor of love. 

Materials Matter

We’re committed to making products that not only look good, but are safe to use. Our clay is 100% non-hazardous. All of our glazes and underglazes are lead-free and nontoxic.

Stamps of Approval

Passed down from generations, this old rubber stamp set is an anchor of our production process. Every Classic and Custom band starts with a mold made from hand-stamping these little letters one by one.

Rethink, Reuse, Recycle

We are solution solvers. In the neverending search for improvement, we invent new tools that still require the careful guidance of human hands. As we strive to streamline production, our emphasis on quality goods remains strong. Every product goes through a careful screening process. If clay gets scrapped, we simply mix it into a new batch. There is always potential for the broken to be made new.

Smooth Sailing

If you’ve purchased a bracelet or necklace, there’s a good chance it passed through our Halyard Team. On a boat, the halyard is the rope used to raise and lower the sail. At MudLOVE, this is a group of amazing women and men who (quite literally) tie everything together.