Shop Talk: Lily & Sparrow

From a Florida dream, to an Indianapolis reality, Steph Miller has come a long way to see her store, Lily & Sparrow, take shape. This fresh boutique in Fishers, Indiana is more than just a place to find a new dress or accessory. All it takes is a quick read through their website to see that Lily & Sparrow's mission goes far beyond making a sale:

"Our heart behind opening up Lily & Sparrow is that every person who walks into our store or purchases something from our website will know the value and worth that they have."

One of the things we love about having a wholesale program is the opportunity it provides to connect with like-minded businesses. We asked Steph to tell us more about her shop, and why she chose to curate MudLOVE products into her store's collection.

From blankets to boots, Lily & Sparrow offers plenty of ways to express your style.

MudLOVE: How long have you been in business?

Lily & Sparrow: We just celebrated our 3rd anniversary on March 1st!

M: What's the story behind your shop name?

L & S: Our name comes from the verses Matthew 6:28-30, 

And why worry about your clothing? Look at the lilies of the field and how they grow. They don’t work or make their clothing, yet Solomon in all his glory was not dressed as beautifully as they are. And if God cares so wonderfully for wildflowers that are here today and thrown into the fire tomorrow, he will certainly care for you. Why do you have so little faith?

and Matthew 10:29-31: 

What is the price of two sparrows—one copper coin? But not a single sparrow can fall to the ground without your Father knowing it. And the very hairs on your head are all numbered. So don’t be afraid; you are more valuable to God than a whole flock of sparrows.

The Lord placed these verses on our hearts when we were praying through our business and coming up with a name. It is a gentle reminder that the Lord cares so deeply for us as business owners, as well as for each person who walks into our store or visits our website. We are in a constant battle to fight what society and the fashion industry says is beautiful - but these verses tell us about the incredible value and worth we each have to the Lord.

M: What kinds of items do you sell in your store?

L & S: We mostly carry women's clothing and shoes, but also carry home goods, jewelry and gift items. We focus on brands that are high quality and will be able to last through several seasons. We also love any brands that are ethically sourced, local, or give back!

A unique space to visit, with a unique collection to shop.  

M: What is Lily & Sparrow's mission in the community?

L & S: Our mission is to create an environment that is safe and welcoming to our customers. From the layout and design of our space, to the music we play, to the items we sell, we try to make sure each person who walks in our door feels the presence of Jesus. We want to use this boutique to create a lasting impact, whether it be through giving back, or even teaching our customers about how to fight consumerism. 

M: How has selling MudLOVE products helped you accomplish that goal?

L & S: MudLOVE has been such an incredible company to work with and product to sell. It encompasses everything we believe in and want to put our name behind. They provide a beautiful, quality product that goes to help others. We are honored to carry MudLOVE mugs in our store. 

M: What’s your favorite MudLOVE product currently being sold at Lily & Sparrow?

L & S: We are obsessed with the Classic mug. It's the perfect size mug for all of our coffee drinking needs (and we drink A LOT of it!), and they are all absolutely beautiful in person! 

Our Classic mugs looking right at home.

M: What’s 1 thing that everyone should know about Lily & Sparrow? (A fun fact, upcoming event, etc.)

L & S: A fun fact about Lily & Sparrow is that it is co-owned by two sisters. We love that we get to go on this incredible journey together! It has drawn us closer than ever before. It is so unique and rare that the Lord places the same calling on siblings, so we consider it a complete honor! It's been so much fun, and we know this is just the beginning! 

Steph Miller and her sister Jen, co-owners of Lily & Sparrow. Thanks for all that you do!

The next time you're in central Indiana, visit Lily & Sparrow at 8890 E 116th St, Suite 140 in Fishers. Learn more and shop great finds at For news, updates, and fashionable ideas, follow along on InstagramPinterest, and Facebook.

Shop Talk: Foreveresta

What happens when you turn a 1976 camper trailer into a mission-driven shop on wheels? We asked Alexandria Bing, Owner of Foreveresta to tell us all about her amazing mobile store. This is definitely one of the most unique shopping experiences around, and we're so excited to be a part of it!

Can you believe this is the inside of a trailer? Kick back, relax, and shop.

MudLOVE: How long have you been in business?

Foreveresta: I have been in business for 8 months as we had our Grand Opening in February 2016!

M: What kinds of items do you sell in your store?

F: We sell so many unique goods! We have tees for men, women, & children, jewelry, notebooks, greeting cards, coffee mugs & tumblers, home decor such as pillows & wall art!

We spy MudLOVE! Do you?

M: What is Foreveresta’s mission in the community?

F: My mission at Foreveresta is two-fold. First, we are here to educate and facilitate purposeful purchasing. After a trip to the Dominican Republic, I recognized the need here locally to give others an immediate way to make a difference when shopping. Many of the goods we carry are working with organizations in developing countries creating sustainable opportunities for individuals and families. This includes clean water initiatives, rescues from human trafficking and prostitution, and training and support in businesses that empower families to come out of poverty and implement ethical business skills. Instead of grabbing your next purse from target or the mall, why not support a woman rescued out of prostitution who has handwoven your bag with the goal of supporting her family in her new journey!

Secondly, we exist to encourage and empower others to love and accept the person they were purposed to be through offering inspirational goods and a place to come sit, be still, or share!

M: How has selling MudLOVE products helped you accomplish that goal?

F: I LOVE being able to provide MudLOVE products at Foreveresta because they are bold in a simple way! The mission behind MudLOVE is close to my heart, making it exciting to get behind the company and spread the love. The products have been incredibly popular with all types of people! Its beautiful to see how one simple word can light a spark in someone, lift their spirit, or challenge them to press on in life!

A closer look. Classic bands hang out on a hand-built display.

M: What’s 1 thing that everyone should know about Foreveresta? (A fun fact, upcoming event, etc.)

F: I do have exciting news that I have yet to release publicly, but I would LOVE to share now! In October, Foreveresta will be launching a new movement called Love Notes! Love notes will focus on our second mission: encouraging others to accept, love, and value themselves as they were purposed to live. Love Notes is an opportunity for others to get involved and spread encouragement and love in their sphere of influence. We will be releasing our own t-shirt line at the same time, along with a few other goodies. I can’t wait to share this vision with everyone!

See you soon Alexandria. Thanks for including MudLOVE in your mission! You inspire us!

If you're reading this today, September 10th, you can visit Foreveresta in person at our Block of LOVE celebration in Winona Lake! Otherwise, stop in on a Thursday or Friday from 10-3 at 2329 Crescent Ave. in Fort Wayne. 

Not from around these parts? Learn more at For news, updates, and the latest pit stops, follow along on InstagramTwitter, and Facebook.

Not Your Everyday Bike Ride

Rachel Kehlee Photography

If there's one thing we love (besides donuts), it's meeting other people who share our passion for clean water. When we came across Ride for Water and their incredible journey this summer, we jumped at the chance to connect! This amazing group of college students rode their bikes all the way from the Pacific Northwest to New York City with one goal in mind: raising awareness and funds toward fighting the global water crisis. 

As the team prepared for their Midwest leg of the ride, we invited them to stop by our studio and hang out for an afternoon. Check out our Q&A below, along with some photos from the journey. Then, learn how you can help the team reach this year's fundraising goal. (They're SO close!)

Team MudLOVE + Team Ride for Water = Team We LOVE Clean Water!

MudLOVE: Who rode this summer, and where are you all from?

Ride for Water: The men's team consisted of Paul Joung, Andy Bissell, Fadi Nassar, Jackson Lucht, and Aaron Thomas. Drivers for the guys were Emilio Cortez and Giovanny Panginda.

The riders for the women's team were Jacqueline Summers, Katie Maginnis, Sophia Buie, Kimberly Golden, Ashlee Ginn. Driving the ladies were Emily Eastburn and Rachel Lewis.

We all come from either California, Oregon, or Colorado!

Jumping for joy in the Big Apple. 

M: What did you like about your visit to Indiana? (Besides MudLOVE of course.)

RFW: The life-sized mannequins in Warsaw that felt so real at times! 

M: Ah yes. We find those to be unique, yet startling... 

Indiana: We're more than just corn!

M: There are so many noble causes to support. What led you to decide to ride for clean water? 

RFW: Everything starts with clean water. If clean water is sustainable and accessible, it creates time for education, business, agriculture, and more. Water is a basic necessity that we believe should be available for all; even at the expense of our own comforts.

Women and children specifically are the demographic of people who spend countless hours fetching water, and most of the time it's not clean! These women and children are often put in dangerous situations; risking their lives for the sake of water.

We're partnering with charity: water, who uses 100% of donations for clean water projects. They believe in working with local partners, and focusing on absolute solutions via wells and other sustainable systems. Life starts with water.

M: Awesome! charity: water also works with our own nonprofit partner, Water for Good


M: What’s the most interesting or inspiring story from your journey so far?

RFW: On Day 2 of the trip, the men's team support vehicle's transmission had blown out. Some of us thought that the ride was done for. We thought to ourselves, "How can we hurdle over this huge deficit?" We thought about spending the funds we had raised to use on food and other necessities to cover the cost. This would've meant some really frugal living for the duration of the ride.

We were stuck in Lake Chelan, Washington, about 1500 miles away from home and support. Jackson and Paul drove the car (which only had 2 gears available) down a highway to the nearest Chevy dealership to see what the damage was.

The remaining men's team, along with the women's team via phone, put their heads together. We blasted on social media for help with funding the new transmission. Getting to the dealership, the guys had no idea how this was going to be paid for. In 3 hours, we found out the entire cost for the transmission was covered!

The moral of the story is, when you are doing something for a cause that is greater then yourself, it is amazing to see the heart of people who believe in the cause. They gave so generously and provided for us in need, as we were trying to provide for others that are in need of clean water. Being believed in is a feeling that is unexplainable, and it surely lit a fire under our butts!

We left our new friends with some nifty gifties. 

M: How can someone get involved and show their support for the Ride for Water team?

RFW: Check us out at! You can meet the team, buy a t-shirt to support our cause, or donate!

A-wear-ness. Get it?

M: Where can everyone follow along?

RFW: You can experience the journey by following us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook!

The Ride for Water team has now raised over $67,000 out of their goal of $80,000 for clean water! Help our new friends accomplish their goal by donating here.

Shop Talk: Green Earth Multisport

This is the first in our interview series with some of MudLOVE's amazing retail partners. Interested in selling MudLOVE products in your store? Apply here!

One of the newest shops in Winona Lake is making a splash in the community.

Back in 2009, MudLOVE opened for business out of a tiny garage in the Village at Winona. Over the last 7 years, a lot has changed! We've teamed up with bel kai to turn our dusty studio into the splendid (and less dusty) Belove. We've also seen several neighboring shops come and go.

One of the latest and greatest additions to the Village is Green Earth Multisport! If you like to run, swim, bike, and be active, this is the place for you. We visited with Green Earth's owner Paula Deming, and asked her a few questions about the shop.

Should we hire Paula as the new MudLOVE spokesmodel? She does have good taste in bracelets...

MudLOVE: How long have you been in business?

Green Earth Multisport: We opened on February 1st, 2016.

M: What kinds of items do you sell in your store?

GEM: Running shoes and apparel, swimsuits, goggles & other swim accessories, triathlon apparel, sports nutrition products, and more.

Custom 14 oz. mugs. Perfect for post-workout protein shakes.

M: What is Green Earth’s mission in the community?

GEM: Green Earth Multisport is committed to the promotion of healthy lifestyles by connecting people to nature through the love of running, biking, and swimming. We believe races aren’t won at the finish line. They’re won the moment you decide to be the best competitor you can be! 

Whether you walk, run, ride, or swim, we have the gear to help you get there. We have specialized running shoes, apparel, and gear from brands you can count on, like Brooks, Saucony, Mizuno, Salomon, Hoka ONE ONE, MudLOVE (hey, that's us!), SmartWool, Feetures, Balega, TYR, Zoot, EFS, Skratch, GU, Cilf, and more.

We also offer gait analysis and expertise to help ensure you find the best shoes and gear for your needs. 

M: How has selling MudLOVE products helped you accomplish that goal?

GEM: Selling MudLOVE products help Green Earth accomplish our mission by helping people connect with nature through providing a way to give back to humanity.

Double bands are great for logos. Green elastics for Green Earth.

M: What’s 1 thing that everyone should know about Green Earth? (A fun fact, upcoming event, etc.)

GEM: We have a full-time shop dog (#MadisonTheShopDog) and a part-time shop dog (#LunaThePartTimeShopDog). Come visit, pet the dogs, and become a part of the Green Earth Multisport community!

Suddenly we've got that warm, fuzzy feeling...

The next time you're in town, visit Green Earth at 807 E Canal St. Not a local? Learn more at For news, updates, and more cute dog photos, follow along on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.


Update: "Get Hope. Give Hope."

Six months ago marked the launch of the Get Hope. Give Hope. campaign with our friends Ben Higgins, The Humanity & Hope United Foundation, and of course, Water for Good. Since that time, we have been absolutely blown away by the generosity and compassion shown by thousands of people all over the world. Through the purchase of a simple bracelet, lives are being changed from Honduras to Central Africa and back!

Here are a few updates from the campaign so far:

January 2016: Get Hope. Give Hope. bands are launched at

February 2016: The Humanity & Hope United Foundation (H&H) is able to hire its 3rd full-time employee in Honduras, Bessy Valladares. Bessy launches a new program for girls to attend secondary school for the first time.

March 2016: 12 women are employed to work on a new sheep farm in the Honduran village of Remolino.

April 2016: H&H is able to purchase a brand new truck. The vehicle is already involved in 7 different micro-enterprises built around various farming projects.

June 2016: $50,000 have now been raised for H&H!

July 2016: 6,650 "hope" bands have been sold so far. 127 people in the Central African Republic will now have 1 entire year's worth of clean water. 

Stay tuned for future updates and some exciting new ways to support the campaign. If you haven't purchased your own Get Hope. Give Hope. band yet, pick one up here and spread the word!