Updated February, 2021

Fundraising can be daunting; let's explore how you can keep the fun in fundraising with MudLOVE

Can we be honest? Asking people for money, even for a great cause, can feel uncomfortable. Money is a touchy subject for most of us, so asking our friends to spare some of their hard-earned change is a big deal.

Here's the good news: people are more generous than we give them credit for. You're a change-maker, ready to make a difference in your corner of the world. Like-minded people naturally find each other, and they're ready to help you! Let's take a look at how fundraising with MudLOVE can help you raise funds right away. 

1. No Worries

You're busy; you have a family, a job, friends, and innumerable other things going on. Our staff are always available during the week to provide the support you need so you'll never be alone during the process. Whether via email or the phone, we're just a few taps away. We also understand that money can be a challenge for you too. With our FREE fundraiser options, there's no need to stress over start-up costs.

2. Meaningful Products

Creating community around your cause is a great way to keep supporters invested. MudLOVE fundraisers use our handcrafted ceramic bracelets and pottery, made right here in Indiana, USA. Each piece is a work of art, and a long-lasting, powerful reminder of your cause. You can even personalize many of our products to create an additional layer of meaning.

3. Plenty of Choices

From a variety of programs, to a wide selection of products, we'll help you find the combination that works best for you and your cause. Ready to begin fundraising right away? A Grab & Go Kit ships in less than a week. If you need ultimate flexibility create a completely customized fundraise, The Giving Village may be the answer for you. Still not sure which one is right for you? Let us know and we'll help you get started. 

4. A Fresh Idea

Find yourself hosting the same old fundraiser every year? Skip the candy bars and trash bags and launch a MudLOVE campaign. It's a unique way to not only raise money for your cause, but get people excited about it too! With a variety of products to choose from, Original bracelets, Doodles, and pottery, you can keep each fundraiser fresh. 

5. A Way to Give Back

Every MudLOVE product (including your fundraiser items) will provide one week of clean water to someone in the Central African Republic. You can feel good about giving back simultaneously from the first sale. Shout-out to our amazing partner, Water for Good!

Fresh, meaningful fundraisers that give back and are worry free? Where can I sign up? Head to our shop to put together the best fundraiser you've ever run. We've added some handy-dandy shortcuts below for each style of fundraiser. 

The Giving Village

(No startup cost, choose to customize your fundraiser)

Grab & Go Kits

(Ships within the week, 250 pre-selected and themed bracelets)

Build Your Own

(Bigger budget, highly customizable)