Did you know that you can fundraise with MudLOVE products? We recently caught up with Ethan who ran a successful fundraising campaign for a school in Uganda. His story is inspiring and shows that you can make a difference at any age.

Tell us who are you and what do you do?

My name is Ethan Olnick and I'm a pilot and soccer player from Indianapolis.

How did you hear about MudLOVE?

We had purchased MudLOVE bracelets previously and were aware of your products. We also knew your company helps others so we thought it'd be a win-win for both.

Tell us a little about your fundraiser:

I raised $2,500 to purchase a solar powered refrigerator for a school called African Hospitality Institute in Uganda. The solar powered refrigerator alleviated the school from having to purchase expensive gas propane tanks for their 4 inefficient and small refrigerator that they were currently using. The money that they spent on gas propane would then to toward other school needs. 

Why did you choose to use MudLOVE as part of your fundraising efforts? 

MudLOVE bracelets are made in Indiana, so we were also excited about providing work for fellow Hoosiers! 

What was your supporter's response to MudLOVE products?

I sold the bands to my friends, teachers, family, teammates, and coaches. Everyone loved them and I see many still wearing them today. 

Which was your bestselling MudLOVE product?

The "fear not." bands we ordered sold out first!

Thanks for sharing your journey, Ethan! We are honored to be a tool in your drive to be the change in the world. 

Want to learn more about MudLOVE fundraisers? We explain it all here. 

Are you ready to begin fundraising right away? Look no further.