Our products serve as a great way to raise money for adoptions, mission trips, school functions, and more. Customize words, images, and colors to match your campaign. Did we mention that each handcrafted bracelet and mug also provides 1 week of clean water to someone in need? As you gain support for your cause, you’ll be making a difference in more ways than one!


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Fundraiser Products: Bracelets

Skip the candles and candy bars this year, and try our own version of the classic pre-order fundraiser! Choose one of our meaningful bracelet designs, and easily collect orders up front from friends & family.

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We are adopting our 4th child from China. We were thrilled with how well our fundraiser went! Everyone we talked with wanted to participate.

- Mary P. | Adoption

The bracelets are so cool -- all my friends love them! This was the perfect opportunity to help me serve in Swaziland again.

- Parker L. | Mission Trip


Starting Cost: $300

Products: 50 Classic Bracelets

Ready to begin fundraising right away? We’ve assembled some amazing starter packs of 50 bracelets; just choose a theme -- Adoption, Medical, Best-Sellers, World-Changers -- and start selling!

Nurses on a Mission is an organization that takes student nurses to the Dominican Republic to provide medical care to impoverished communities. I cannot say enough good things about the product and the people who work at MudLOVE. They are so helpful and they are determined to do whatever they can to make our fundraiser a success! Nurses on a Mission is so thankful for our partnership with MudLOVE. We would not have been able to accomplish what we have over these years without them.

- Jane Tiek | Medical Mission


Starting Cost: FREE

Products: Bracelets & Vionas

Lovewell is our brand new online platform! Set up a free campaign, or customize your own bracelets. Tell your story, sell products, accept donations, and fund your project! Read this blog for tips on running a successful Lovewell fundraiser. 

The MudLOVE campaign for Signs for Hope not only helped us raise funds for our annual ASL-Immersion Family Retreat, but it also spread awareness about us. Their staff was a tremendous help in creating our custom designs, and making sure all those who ordered products received their orders in a timely manner. Knowing that each purchase provided clean water for a week in Africa was an added blessing.

- Becky L. | Nonprofit Organization

MudLOVE is basically like GoFundMe but even BETTER because people can donate AND/or purchase super-amazing, custom items that directly related to Leah and her warrior journey. It is BEAUTIFUL to think of the number of people out in the world who are wearing one of these bracelets. We had a celebration dance party this weekend, mugs and bracelets in hand. Thank you for the impact you’ve made.

- Grace P. | Medical Emergency


Fundraising can be a complicated business! So we wrote a blog outlining each of our fundraising options in depth to give you a leg up. Tap the button below to read more.


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Partnering with MudLOVE has enabled countless students from North Central College to participate in transformative service immersions both domestically and internationally – students who, without this fundraising opportunity, would not be able to join these incredible experiences. Just this year we’ve been able to rebuild homes in Peru, Detroit, Virginia, and Puerto Rico… all made possible with MudLOVE. Working with MudLOVE is easy and convenient, and their support staff goes above and beyond. Don’t know what I’d do without them, and knowing that the funds are helping such an important cause makes our students’ work even more meaningful.

- Jessica W. | University Service Trip

We can’t wait to begin raising support for YOUR cause. Together, we will make a positive impact in our local communities and across the world!