You know Valentine's Day is just around the corner? Wait, before you roll your eyes or think this is going to be another cheesy take on love, hear us out for a second. At MudLOVE we get to exist right in the middle of a giant community of love connecting people from all over the world. From the student in Indiana to the grandma in Georgia to the family in the Central African Republic, they are all a part of this huge neighborhood. Let's see what happens when a package drops in your mailbox.

When you receive your bracelet, you stand at the center of the first ripple. So many of our customers and fans use the word on their bracelet to start a meaningful conversation with someone. Some choose to give away their bracelet to a friend or complete stranger. Still others use MudLOVE bracelets as a tool to fundraise for needs in their community. Thanks to our customers and fans, the love multiplies many times over every single day. Honestly we could just stop here, because if this is all we could do, it would be enough.

The second ripple extends halfway around the world to one of the poorest countries in the world, the Central African Republic. It's a country where the average lifespan is 48 years and access to clean, safe, water isn't a guarantee. Thanks to our partnership with Water for Good, 10 cents of every bracelet or mug purchased help provide clean water. 10 cents? That's it? Believe it or not, 10 cents is enough to provide someone with clean water for a week. And it adds up quickly. Thanks to customers just like you, MudLOVE was able to donate over $19,000 to Water for Good in 2019. That's a lot of love!

Here at MudLOVE we stand in the third ripple. Our employees are awesome. They'll notice a need and want to do something about it. We shared about one of these needs last summer; you can read about it here.  We amplify the love by sending bracelets to a school community hurting from the effects of violence or trauma free of charge.

Won't you join us, neighbor? Together we can show love in small ways and in ways that are bigger than us. If you have a story to share leave it in the comments or go here!