Recently we caught up with Adriana Mancini, founder of Students4H2O, a non-profit based out of Florida. Adriana and her team partner with MudLOVE to fundraise for their cause and events. Read our interview with Adriana as she tells her incredible story. 

 MudLOVE: Who are you and what do you do?

Adriana: My name is Adriana Mancini. I am the Founder and President of Students4H2O, a non-profit organization established in Martin County, Florida, with the mission to enhance education, stewardship, and citizenship for all students in our community. We advocate that a sustainable community will lead to a sustainable planet by following the mission of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, which work together to end poverty, reduce inequalities, and protect our planet by 2030. In addition to my work with Students4H2O, I am a senior at the University of Florida studying public relations.

I have been passionate about raising awareness and funds for the global water crisis since I was a fifth-grade student. At the time, I was heartbroken to learn that 1.1 billion people on the planet did not have access to clean water and that girls in developing nations sacrifice their education every day to collect water for their families. I was determined to take action and pledged to fundraise every year in lieu of birthday and Christmas gifts to help provide clean drinking water to people in developing nations. To date, I fundraised over $50,000 to help end the global water crisis.

ML: How did you hear about MudLOVE?

AM: One of Students4H2O’s Board Members is the Owner of Gumbo Limbo Coastal Chic, which is a well-known gift shop in Downtown Stuart. A few years ago, she went to a product show in Atlanta and saw MudLOVE’s display. She brought me back a “hope” bracelet and shared how she thought of me and my fundraising efforts for the global water crisis and that MudLOVE would be a valuable asset to Students4H2O’s fundraising efforts.

ML: Why did you choose to use MudLOVE as part of your fundraising efforts?

AM: I chose MudLOVE as part of Students4H2O’s fundraising efforts because I was inspired by how the purchase of each bracelet provides clean drinking water to a person in developing nations for a week. When educating the youth in our community about the global water crisis and how they can take action, we mention MudLOVE and how it is a wonderful example of a purchase with a purpose. It is a simple way a person can make a difference by thinking globally and acting locally.

Tell us a little about your product ordering experience:

AM: In the two years of being a MudLOVE customer, we placed many orders for inspirational bands, classic packs, and custom band orders. Customer service was always polite and informative. I never had an issue or delay with my orders. I always had a positive experience ordering from MudLOVE.

ML: What is your supporter's response to MudLOVE products?

AM: Our supporters love MudLOVE products! They are especially moved by MudLOVE’s efforts to provide clean water to people in developing nations and how their purchase has a positive purpose.

ML: Which is your bestselling MudLOVE product?

AM: Our bestselling MudLOVE products are the “Inspire,” “Be The Change,” and “Never Give Up” MudLOVE bracelets.

ML: What is your favorite MudLOVE product?

AM: My favorite MudLOVE product is the “never give up” band! I wear mine every day.

ML: Is there anything you would like us to know?

AM: Students4H2O is participating in Martin County Parks and Recreation's Family Fun Day on Saturday, July, 13th. 

Thank you for sharing, Adriana! If you're in Martin County, Florida, this weekend make sure you turn out to support them. To learn more about Students4H2O visit their website:, or follow them on Instagram and Facebook

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