What happens in the space between creating products and the impact they have on your life? In other words, what really happens between the Mud and the LOVE? Today we invite you to join us in the culture we've created in the studio. Make no mistake, we're serious about the work we do. Pottery Team consistently hits their daily quotas. Accessory Team works together to create a lean process to get a high-quality product out quickly. Sales Team is hustling to build relationships with potential partners and keep the cash flowing. We're all serious about fighting the water crisis in the Central African Republic. 

We're also serious about choosing rest and making our environment an enjoyable place to work. A few activities are endorsed by MudLOVE; most are employee-led. Check out the photos below and be our coworker for a few minutes!

Shown above is one of our favorite MudLOVE activities. Once a month, we roll the Cosmic Cube. Each side of the Cube has a treat for the following day. Today Jimmy rolled the Cube because tomorrow's his last day (noooooo) and he rolled Celebrity Birthday. Google tells us it's chemist Linus Pualing's birthday so we'll celebrate with milkshakes. 

What is Tim looking at? We have a section of the wall in the break room called "Today's Feels." Memes, funny pictures, encouraging emails, or, in this case, spam emails get pinned up. Yes, they become inside jokes. No, they're not funny to everyone. 

Shipping Team is a vortex of mood-boosting ideas. This is Marika and she's jammin' to the iPod behind her. One specific challenge the team has come up with is searching for a word (ex: Friday) and playing all the songs that appear. It definitely keeps our ears on their metaphorical toes! 

Finally, at the end of every day, each production team holds a quick, informative meeting of what happened that day. It's a great way to wrap up a day full of hard work and good fun.

We hope you enjoyed this look behind the mud. Thank you for supporting us and Water for Good!