"greater." MudLOVE bracelet

From the very start in 2009, MudLOVE has always been about uniting world changers and inspiring initiatives of love and kindness. When a group of people motivated for the same mission reached out and shared their story with us, we couldn't help but be amazed! Their story is inspiring to us and will be to you too, keep reading to learn more!

"never give up." and "greater." bracelets

After starting a two-year fundraising campaign for a new building the very first week of COVID-19 lockdowns, Genesis Church was blown away by the generosity of their church. This initiative, called "Greater.", was not only an effort to raise $7.5 million to fund a new church building, but also to create change in themselves, their community, and the world in the process. Since the mission of "Greater." was to create a change in their community, it only seemed fitting that they bless others through the blessings they were receiving from God. Throughout the campaign, the church was able to give away over $650,000 of the money they received, through partnering with missions outside of their church, such as foster care programs, schools, and other churches. 

By the end of the campaign, they could not have been more grateful to their church and wanted to give something to remind their church family of the incredible work that had happened through "Greater." As they were searching for something to encourage the congregation in continuing a full-church mission, it was clear that promotional items like magnets and cards wouldn't fit the bill, so they began looking for something more durable that would provide meaning to the members of their church. When students reminded them of MudLOVE, they began the process of bulk ordering custom bracelets that would say "greater."

The bracelets were an absolute hit. Within one week, nearly every bracelet was taken, by adults and children alike! Unlink other promo products, the "Greater." bracelets offered a unique senes of meaning and authenticity, capturing the attention and affection of many. It is beautiful to hear of how a simple word can make such an impact on a community.

"greater." bracelets

Thank you to Genesis Church for sharing your story with us! We are so inspired by the impact you have had in your community, and can't wait to hear how you continue in your mission and continue to make a change in the world.

Do you have a story you want to share with the masses? A cause you want to motivate people towards? A campaign you are fundraising for? MudLOVE is thrilled to have recently expanded our impact through bringing on additional options for bulk ordering. Check it out now!


P.S. Never fear, every product in each order still provides one week of clean, safe water to someone who needs it!