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Can procrastination ever really lead to good? After putting off a doctor's appointment as long as she could, Lee Anne Stewart learned that it, in fact, could be beneficial. 

When a doctor noticed some odd symptoms and suggested she make another appointment, Lee Anne dragged her feet making the appointment; however, in August of 2013 when she went to the appointment, she learned that she had ovarian cancer and would need treatment. It turns out that procrastination was her greatest ally in disguise, since if Lee Anne had made this appointment any sooner, the doctors may not have found the tumor.


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By Christmas that year, she was in remission, but during this time, her students purchased and wore turquoise MudLOVE bracelets saying "strength" to encourage and support her in her battle. The photo of her dance students wearing their bracelets still sits in the studio, reminding the dancers to remain hopeful through hardship.

Now, nine years later, Lee Anne has been diagnosed with stage three uterine cancer, and her students are wearing coral "courage" bracelets to support her. In an article written back in 2013, Lee Anne shared, "There is a light at the end of the tunnel. The treatments are hard, but I would do it all over." While she never imagined she would have to do it all over, she says she feels so much love and support from her family, friends, and church as they pray for her daily, and that with the advancements in science, she is feeling much better physically and emotionally this time around.




Thank you to Lee Anne for sharing her story with us, we are encourage by her strength and hope in the face of adversity! We are sending all of our thoughts and prayers as she continues to work towards remission.

While we don't encourage procrastinating, it did just happen to work out in Lee Anne's case. Learn more about preventative care for yourself and your loved ones at

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