We wouldn’t be MudLOVE if, in the middle of empty grocery store shelves, social distancing and sickness, we didn’t find a way to share the good things that are happening right now in our own lives. We gathered 5 positive things we love about both our local and online community to encourage you!


First on the list is the original sharer of all things good news. Founded by Branden Harvey, their mission is to be a magazine that shares good news instead of the typical spirit-dampening news you see everywhere else. Right now they’re giving free one-month trials to anyone who wants a Good News Paper. Check it out here.


Aren’t we lucky to live in an age where it’s so simple to stay connected? We stumbled over this article in the Atlantic and it gave us a good giggle. We’re all in this self-quarantine life together, so let’s make the most of it! And don’t forget to tag us @mudlove in any of your mundane moments; we’re connected by so much more than our physical location.


Speaking of physical locations, all the love surrounding our local eateries is so encouraging! Most of our favorite places (like this one or this one) offer curbside pickup. So jump in the car, go for a drive, and support local businesses!


We’re so impressed by the creative ways people come up with to weather this crazy storm. Our favorite local used bookstore, Pete & Freddy’s, announced last week that they would be offering delivery services for books! Obviously we had to order some books and were greeted by a beautiful, smiling face. If your state doesn't have a travel ban yet, take advantage of these awesome offers!


We end our list with this hidden gem on Instagram. Dawn Burns’ project is all about finding the beauty in things we otherwise might have overlooked. When nothing seems to make sense, we love this practice of awareness and finding joy.

Find more entertaining reading here. Where are you finding encouragement today?