How do you change the world? At Generous Coffee Co, coffee is just the start of their impact.

Have you ever had two great friends who don't know each other, and you just wish they could be friends too? That's how we feel with you folks and our friends at Generous Coffee. We think they're just rad, so let's meet the folks behind the coffee. Take it away, Generous! 

Thanks, MudLOVE! Generous International LLC officially launched online in January of 2018 with a quest to make this world a better place through every product purchase from Generous. Generous started to support nonprofits and social causes by giving back 100% of our profits so that 100% of their donor dollars can go directly to their own mission. We do this by partnering with nonprofits who are vetted and analyzed by our team to make sure their organization is using the funds in the most responsible way. We invest in nonprofits focused on sustainably fighting injustice facing humans all around the world (including locally).

As the Generous story has grown over the last two years, we have now opened two coffee shops in Denver, Colorado. The unique part about our coffee shops is that the manager of each shop can choose which nonprofits the profits of the shop go towards. Our first shop that opened in the Fall of 2019 contributes specifically to providing jobs for women in Honduras through the organization Humanity and Hope United. Our second coffee shop that just opened in the last couple of months goes towards building a clinic in Haiti through the organization for Serve With Love Today.

We never expected that a give-back business model would turn into a full blown community of doers uniting together around the country. A huge part of what Generous is today is because of our community. We started an ambassador program over a year and a half ago. Since then, over 200 people have joined us on the journey to make this world a better place. Each ambassador is placed in a group of ambassadors based on their location. Their group is then led by a Relational Manager who connects everyone. The purpose of splitting the large pool of ambassadors to smaller community groups is simple: we want people to actually connect with one another! Since their groups are based on location, there is a good chance that they can meet up in real life! We have had some awesome friendships come our of our ambassador program.

We build community by encouraging our customers and followers to be generous in their everyday lives. We want people to understand that they don’t have to work for a company, have a big platform, or have a lot of money to be generous. They can be generous in small daily actions in their everyday lives. We encourage this on our platform all the time, and we have seen an incredible response from it. When a customer shares a story with us on how they were generous, we then share that story with everyone else and it inspires others to do something similar.


We believe that we are better together than we are apart. We also believe that we need each other to be our most successful entities. We each have our own strengths and our own missions. If you bring those strengths and missions together then greater good can occur. At Generous we like to think that we will never be able to be successful on our own, MudLOVE is one of those trusted partners that we appreciate in this community!

MudLOVE has been a supporter and partner of Generous since our inception. Mudlove has inspired Generous to reach our highest potential. As a result of our partnership, Generous has consistently sold MudLOVE products via our website and cafes. In addition, we have participated in multiple campaigns. The best known is our 2017 “Get Hope Give Hope” campaign. Due to the success of these campaigns, they were the obvious choice to partner once again on the Give Back Care Pack. 

We are pumped to partner with Generous Coffee in this time of need. Follow them on Instagram and Facebook, or check out their website to learn more!

And don't forget to check out our collab with Generous: the Give Back Care Pack and send a social distance approved hug to someone who could use some encouragement today.