When I first saw MudLOVE bracelets at a local shop, I was immediately taken with their beauty, simplicity and meaningfulness, but when I read the details of their production and the company's core values, I loved them even more! So I purchased several for friends and relatives, and the most important one went to my partner. On it was inscribed, "LOVED". He wore it all the time, only taking it off at night. Well, sadly, one evening he dropped it onto the brick floor of our bathroom, and it broke. Unable to repair it properly, I began to search for another, but our local shop never got the same one in ... and it HAD to be the same one! So I check the MudLOVE site and found a replacement. We were both happy. Since then, I have ordered 15 "Family" bracelets and one custom bracelet for myself. Mine is a treasure! It tells a unique story.

When we first fell in love, I realized that his initials spell the word 'LAMB', and I thought it was rather cool. Jokingly, I always said that one day I'd get a tattoo of a lamb with his initials inside. I even customized a graphic design myself, but alas, I'm not a tattoo person. So....I decided to have my design made into a most personal, meaningful, and indeed, treasured MudLOVE bracelet. It is so personal and special. I love that y'all take custom orders like this, and I give my full support to this company and its philosophy. How wonderful it is to be a small part of such a beautiful mission. Keep up the great works guys (you saved me from a tattoo!!).

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