Celebrate Each Day

"Turning 60 is no small task these days... So to celebrate my 60th birthday, I treated myself to a Lakeside Afternoon mug! Now, whether I'm at the lake, the beach, or sitting at my kitchen table, I remind myself to celebrate each day. Thanks MudLOVE, for being a part of the celebration!" -Mary B.

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Rising to the Challenge

"This necklace is my favorite piece of jewelry (after my wedding ring). I attached my mom's wedding ring to it and wear it as a symbol of all we are going through.

My mom is nearly 85 with Alzheimer's. Every day, we rise to any challenge, and MudLOVE helps me remember how strong and BRAVE I am. The quality is awesome, it's beautiful and it's perfect for me." -Susanna S. & Glenda "Grammy" S.

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Life is What You Make It

"I purchased create. for a student of mine to encourage her not to settle for anything less than what she can dream up. It isn't every semester that you get the honor to teach a really great student, and now that she is transferring, I wanted to do something that would provide her with lasting encouragement.

I asked her earlier in the semester what her favorite quote was. She replied, 'Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right. Life is what you make it', which translated into create. when I was trying to shorten the quote.

I really hope she is able to create a wonderful career and life for herself, because she has amazing potential." -Jodie B.

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Keeping the Memory Alive

"I go to a summer camp where MudLOVE bands are available. Ever since I got my first one, I have been hooked. I have around 13 of them. At the camp I go to, they're a huge trend. So they're very well known by those who go there, especially the bands with religious meanings.

Sadly, I lost a friend of mine from there due to suicide. Several of my friends from camp all got the date she passed to remember her. When I ordered mine, I specially requested a two-color elastic, to match the tattoo she had on her wrist.

MudLOVE went above and beyond for these bracelets, for me to have a constant reminder of her. And I'm so thankful for this company for helping my friends and I keep the memory alive of our friend whom we lost. So I just really want to say thank you." -Carley D.

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My Constant Reminder

"Breathe was my One Little Word several years ago. It has remained a big part of my life. It has calmed me down and reminded me to stay in the moment.

Recently, I wore this word as my mother's lungs and heart failed her. In her last day of life, when she was beyond communication with words or even eye blinks, the extra portion of the string twisted into a heart shape. It stayed like that for two days.

It won't hold that shape now. I believe it was my mom's last message to me. Now, when I wear my breathe. bracelet, I feel her love and remember to treasure every breath I take." -Mary Lee H.

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