"I value words more than anything. I believe my love language is affirmation and that is how I first love myself, and then how I love on others. I first chose the word 'grace' because I need the reminder of the glory of grace. I need to remind myself to give grace to others because it's tough to be human; the rips and tears we carry are heavy and grace can completely wash them clean. I then chose 'serve'. I want to live in a way that to serve is to breathe for me; I was created to serve those around me as I have been served by the grace of God. I then chose 'hope' because what is life if we don't have hope? Everyone has something they turn to in a time of trial, for me it's hope. Hope in renewal, hope in forgiveness, hope in grace, and hope in the world.

These little words that were crafted onto clay, and then strung to wear on my body, will stay with me in times of hardship, in times of renewal, and in times of joy. I want my eyes to see the words grace, hope, and serve every day and with your special product, you're giving me that opportunity." -Brianna G.


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