Some amazing people make up the MudLOVE Wayfinder group. Case in point: our friend Josie. Josie joined the team this winter all the way from California, and she's already making a big splash! We chatted with her to hear how she's encouraging other women in the midst of the pandemic:

Hi Josie! Tell us how you got connected to MudLOVE and the Wayfinder team.

I first got connected with MudLOVE when my oldest came home from his Operation Barnabas Tour, through CE National. He was so excited to share them with his siblings. The bracelets are a fun reminder of a memorable time in their lives. 

I recently discovered the Wayfinder team. I thought it was a neat way to share the physical beauty of MudLOVE items, along with the community goodness that each item contributes to.

We've loved having you! How did your role change when COVID hit last year?

I was 10 months into my first vocational ministry role. When COVID hit, I was just getting to know people comfortably and learning the name of each room of the church! I am grateful for the unbalance that COVID caused in my life. It made me realize many things about God, myself and ministry. The main thing that I learned about God is that He has the ultimate control over our lives and our world. There is nothing that comes as a surprise to Him. In my self doubt and fear, His word became a deeper balm for my soul.

You created something special for your church ministry. Can you tell us about that opportunity? 

As the Director of Women's Ministry, I really work on creating opportunities for women to grow in their knowledge of Christ and to build relationships with one another. This was extremely hard during COVID! We had Zoom studies, but I felt like something more was needed, something that would bring some encouragement, especially for those who were very isolated. Based on the popular subscription box models, I decided to create our own.

I was blessed with a team of wonderful women who work on curating these little boxes of fun and hope in Christ. Our ladies jumped at the opportunity to share these with their unchurched neighbors, their isolated friends, and used them themselves. These little boxes even made their way as far as Ohio where another church wanted to see if they could reproduce the idea. 

This is an awesome idea! What attracted you to the "grace" Lovely bracelets? 

Our summer box is called "Refreshed by Grace". When curating these boxes we look at three things: 1. How does this make me grow upward in my knowledge of God? 2. How does this make me grow outward in my relationship with others? and 3. How does this make me grow inwardly? MudLOVE was a perfect fit! As we follow the theme of refreshment, there is no better physical refreshment than a glass of cool water, yet how many do not have that privilege. We felt this was a unique opportunity to be able to provide a dual refreshment, one that blesses the giver and the receiver. The Lovely bracelet is so dainty and a perfect reminder that His grace is enough to meet all our needs and cover our brokenness.

What else are you including in these encouraging boxes?

We include one gathering activity opportunity with each box, with a "safer at home" alternative. This month we will be hosting a prayer walk throughout the community where our church is located. We are in a town that is a local attraction, so we will be praying over the park, the pier and the neighborhood, the local elementary school, and our church building. 

How have you seen women connect since starting this ministry? 

We have seen many ladies connect through the boxes. One of my favorite things is how they share them with unchurched coworkers and friends. We had one benefactor bless 30 women from our Compassion Partners (these ladies serve at our local pregnancy clinic, and Precious Life Shelter (provides a safe place for pregnant women with no place to live). It is a joy seeing women invest in the lives of other women. We have also seen many who don't normally volunteer, excited to be a part of the vision of these boxes.

Thanks for sharing your story, Josie! It's incredible to see how you found a creative solution to a big problem. Plus, your heart for the women in your church is beautiful. 

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