We are so excited to collaborate with our friend Mel to bring you a meaningful new bracelet!

Mel has been a friend of MudLOVE for years, and was even part of our first Wayfinder cohort! She hand-lettered our Human Together bracelet, perfect for celebrating Black History Month. Let's get to know Mel a little more! 

Hey Mel! Tell us a little about yourself:

What a great question. Well, for starters, I'm a born + raised Hoosier through and through and am grateful to call the Midwest my home. I have the honor of working alongside some amazing people as the Creative Arts Director at my church, New Life Christian Church & World Outreach. I'm a firm believer in good food + great company; you truly can never go wrong with that combination. At the heart of it, solid connections with other human beings warms my heart, and there's nothing better than experiencing just that while eating something delicious. In my free time you can find me watching Youtube videos/Kdramas (iykyk), listening to music, cooking food, or sipping on a yummy chai tea latte. 

How did you get into hand-lettering? 

Honestly I got into hand-lettering by accident. I never thought I would want to do that sort of thing, but after years of doodling in my school notebooks I thought "I could probably do a different style other than bubble letters" (we all love some good bubble letters, right?). From there I started watching tutorials to practice + hone in on my craft, and now voilà! Just like that something that used to help pass time during precalculus in school became something I now enjoy doing for freelance projects.

What does Black History Month mean to you? 

To me, Black History Month is a special time for not only Black people, but all people to celebrate the culture and history of an amazing group of people! And when I say that, I'm not saying that Black History is superior to any other history, but that Black History is American History when you really think about it. It's something worth acknowledging, educating yourself about, and celebrating!

How are you celebrating Black History personally?

This year I'm celebrating Black History Month by doing a few things. First, I'm reading books all written by Black authors: More Than Enough by Elaine Welteroth, Hair Love by Matthew A. Cherry, Little Legends Exceptional Men In Black History by Vashti Harrison, and Different by Chris Singleton. Second, I'm cooking up different types of soul food to eat and enjoy. (Very much excited about this one) And third, I am discovering new Black musical artists (if you're reading this and have some favorites send them my way!) I am hoping to do some other things as well, but these are the ones that I would love to hit!

Where can people find you on the internet? 

Y'all can find me on Instagram on two different accounts: @agirlcalledmel and/or @modandglory

Thank you so much for sharing with us, Mel! Hop over and check out our new Human Together bracelet. It's a great reminder to choose love for our fellow humans every day.

Photos provided by Melanie.