Biking to work is an often glamorized method of commuting, especially this month. But as unglamorous as it is to arrive tired and sweaty to work there are real benefits to biking to work. We are very proud of our staff who choose to bike to work; keep it up, gang! 

1. Environmental Impact

Your specific impact will vary depending on the length of your commute. Every time you choose your bike over your car you release fewer emissions into the atmosphere. If you drive to work solo your car will on average release 1.2 pounds of CO2; if you bike you only release 0.7 grams of CO2 thanks to breathing alone! 

2. Health Impact

Biking to work is a sneaky way to fit exercise into your routine without taking too much extra time out of your day. You'll burn about the same amount of energy as jogging but the physical toll is not as high. Take it slow when you first start out and you will begin to see improvements the longer you bike. 

3. Financial Impact

Gas prices have been steadily rising this year so you'll not only save money on gas but also car maintenance. On average owning a car costs around $9,000 a year. Riding a bike instead could save you as much as $7,000. 

As a staff we are excited to hang with everyone at Fat & Skinny Tire Fest this weekend. Check out their schedule and join us! Unsure about how to start cycling to work? Connect with your local bike organization and talk to experienced riders who will help you find the best routes.

You can do this! Pick up a bike Doodle as a little inspiration for yourself.

Finally, check out this certified vintage MudLOVE photo of the first ML cyclers.