Our customers and fans inspire us every day. We were so inspired by the Delps we wanted in.

Sometimes someone reaches out with a big plan that aligns perfectly with MudLOVE's mission. So when Rob asked us to help him send 2,000 bracelets to those on the front line we said an enthusiastic YES! Here's our conversation with Rob and his heart behind Pay Hope Forward.

Tell us who you are and how you're connected with MudLOVE. 

Greetings from the Delp Family in Winona Lake, IN. My name is Rob, my wife Amy and our three children, Hannah, Luke and Faith, and of course, our dog Chip! We are lifelong residents of the Warsaw area and have been purchasing, wearing and gifting MudLOVE products for years. Over the past year I have been helping MudLOVE by sitting on their advisory board.

Thank you! Tell us a little about your heart behind #PayHopeForward. 

As a family we were trying to find ways to help encourage others during these difficult and uncertain times. So many people are putting themselves at risk serving on the front line fighting this pandemic (doctors, nurses, healthcare staff, grocery store employees, police officers, fire fighters, truck drivers etc.) while the rest of us have been forced into semi-isolation. We saw so many people sending gifts, cards and making masks; I am not very good at sewing!

We had the idea to send MudLOVE bracelets to those fighting for hope! Right in our backyard is a social good business that produces products that bring hope and encouragement. So we contacted our friends, Luke and Whitney, the owners of MudLOVE and brainstormed the idea. Through that conversation, #PayHopeForward was birthed. MudLOVE liked the idea and decided to match every bracelet purchased; how cool is that!

It's super exciting! How can our readers and friends get involved in #PayHopeForward?

If #PayHopeForward is something you would like to participate in, it’s simple:

  1. Click HERE and choose how many "hope." bracelets you would like to send. MudLOVE will match the number of bracelets you purchase!
  1. Fill in the location of where you would like to send the hope bracelets. (Hospitals, homes, essential businesses, nursing home, grocery stores.) Or add to the MudLOVE hope pool and they’ll meet needs that come their way. 
  1. Once you have placed your #PayHopeForward order, share with the hashtag #PAYHOPEFORWARD 
  1. MudLOVE will take care of the rest! Our family goal is to ship 2000 hope bracelets across the country!

We have hope that we are going to come through this and be stronger in so many ways! Will you join us in helping pass hope onto others that are battling on the front line? 

Thanks for letting us come alongside you in sending hope to front liners. Send hope HERE. 

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