Have you ever been inspired by someone? Maybe it was a family member, or someone at school. When our founder Luke was in 3rd grade, he found inspiration from his art teacher Mrs. Viona Brown and a special bracelet she taught his class how to make. This simple project inspired Luke to live his life as an artist and a maker, eventually leading to the creation of MudLOVE! Last year we released a brand new product to honor the legacy of Mrs. Brown and her passion for the arts, and we called it MudLOVE Makers. This week Board and Brush Warsaw partnered with us to provide a creative experience at their camp. Carley was kind enough to share about their experience making bracelets with their campers.

"Whether you have experienced MudLOVE before or not, you should make sure that you experience their new MudLOVE Makers. These kits provide everything you need to create your own personalized bracelet and memories. Board and Brush Warsaw decided to team up with MudLOVE and offer their bracelets at our Kids Spring Break Camp. We chose to partner with MudLOVE because of their fantastic products as well as their commitment to give back. 

MudLOVE makers made the perfect addition to our event. This product allowed us to provide an outlet where the kids had complete creative control over their project. It was also perfect for the variety of ages that attended. One of the things we loved the most about the Makers was that each person was able to create a project unique to him or her. From “I Love Unicorns” to “Best Mom” and quotes like “Human Kind, Be Both” we had so many different projects that displayed the individuality of each person. 

As a bystander, one of the best parts about creating these projects was watching the best be brought out in each kid. To assist in creating your bracelet the Maker kit includes a stamp pad. This stamp pad includes the alphabet and a few shapes. During our event each table had a limited amount of the stamp pads, which meant the kids had to share. Once the kids starting creating their bracelets we witnessed them helping each other create. I even observed one specific encounter where one child stopped creating their bracelet to allow another child start theirs.  A few of the kids created their bracelets for their mom or a little sibling who wasn’t old enough to attend the event. MudLOVE as a brand strives to do better and bring good to the world and even after their products leave their shelves, they continue to bring an impact to this world.  

Another reason we loved partnering with MudLOVE is their commitment to giving back. For a majority of the products that MudLOVE sells they give a portion back to providing clean water to Central Africa. MudLOVE Makers are unique in that 1% of sales for this product are given in support of art education in our own community. Being a creative and art education studio ourselves we love that MudLOVE is passionate about making art an important part of our community. Next time that you are in the area or looking to do something creative we hope that you will check out MudLOVE as well as Board and Brush!"

Thank you for sharing, Carley! To become a MudLOVE Maker and share the delight of making something with your daughter, son, niece, grandson, or friend, tap here. Remember to also check out Board and Brush Warsaw for neat activities and events.