Fighting for clean water is in our DNA. The world depends on water for every aspect of life, and even the most hardy of animals can only live for a few years in a coma-like state without water. The ocean is one place where water scarcity seems to be a non-issue. However even undersea organisms require clean water in order to survive. One of these organisms is the inspiration for June's Doodle of the Month: coral Doodle

Coral reefs are known as the rainforest of the sea thanks to the huge amount of biodiversity that lives within it. Coral are delicate creatures that require specific water temperatures and amounts of light in order to thrive. Thanks to climate change and human impact, many coral are now considered endangered. Dirty, polluted water is among the culprits slowly destroying coral reefs. 

But the polluted water doesn't begin in the ocean. Deforestation means excess soil enters the water, clouding the water and keeping light from reaching the coral. Contaminated water runoff containing excess fertilizer is an issue that does not immediately affect the coral. Instead, the fertilizer in the water promotes the growth of seaweed which strangles and kills the coral. 

So what can be done to help? Clean water is the answer but it's easier said than done. There are many organizations around the world working to preserve the coral reefs. Organizations like the Coral Reef Alliance and Ocean Conservancy are great places to learn more and get involved.