The internet agrees that around 80% of people who make a resolution on January 1st abandon their goals by the end of the month.

As we stamp each word into the clay to make your bracelets we get to see the thoughtful and beautiful words you've chosen to live your life by in 2020. We compiled this list of four tips because we want to see you become your best self and grow into your word in a beautiful way unique to you.

1. Share the Story Behind Your Word

Sharing the story behind your word is a powerful tool for deepening community around you and providing support when the tough times inevitably come. Share your story publicly through social media and join the movement to share real life on the 'gram. You'll have the opportunity to connect with other real people who can encourage and support you in your journey. If you wear a necklace or bracelet with your word, you invite others into personal conversation with you. Your story is an encouragement for them and a gentle reminder to you!

2. Focus On the Small Victories

Growth is not linear, so chose to honor the process by accepting the small victories. Setbacks are disheartening, and failure to live up to your word can feel like a major defeat. When failure happens, confront it honestly and then set it aside. Support others in your community and together you can keep on the path to growth. The ancient saying "Rome wasn't built in a day" rings true here. Read the next point for a great way to memorialize these small victories on the road to growth.

3. Use a Year Long Journal

If you measure it, you can change it. Journaling is a powerful way of seeing personal growth over a long period of time. Plus, seeing small changes add up to something truly life changing is incredible. Recently we became friends with Ali Edwards who started an awesome movement called One Little Word. Ali put together this One Little Word journal full of beautiful, self-reflective prompts to help you track the ways you grow as the year progresses. You can find the journal here and learn more about One Little Word here.

4. Write It Down

One of the best ways grow into your word of the year is to write your word in visible spaces. Write it someplace you can't avoid, like your mirror or on a sticky note on your car dashboard. When you see it, take a moment to *really* look at it and appreciate the ways you've grown. One of our favorite places to write our word is on a custom bracelet. While our bracelets are waterproof and have a lifetime warranty, they won't outlive the impact your word will have on your life.

What's your word of the year? How do you plan to grow into your word?