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My name is Luke Wright and I’m the Founder and CEO of MudLOVE, a ceramics studio in Warsaw, Indiana. We make inspirational products from clay, with the goal of putting love into action.

When I heard about the terrible incident at your school earlier this year, I was very disheartened. Rather than sit back and watch, I wanted to step in and fight pain with love right away. When I approached my team, they were right there with me. We rallied together, and were able to produce and donate 1,500 of these handcrafted #WAT (We Are Together) bracelets to the students and staff of Noblesville West. We hope you’ve been encouraged by these bands, and will feel even more unified as a community.

If you did not receive a #WAT bracelet and would like one of your own, here’s your chance! We’ve recently made them available to purchase here at a discounted price. As part of MudLOVE’s own giving commitment, every bracelet will also provide 1 week of clean water to someone in need.

Your resilient spirit has resonated with our team, and it’s been an honor to work on this special project. Thank you for inspiring us, and we hope you have a great school year!

Luke & The MudLOVE Team