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Quesinberry Family Fundraiser
Hosted by: Nikki Quesinberry Fundraiser Ends: March 24, 2021
about this fundraiser
My father passed away January 11th after fighting cancer since 2018. He sadly didn’t have life insurance. My mother has her social security but financially she’s in a limbo because they both relied on each other’s money to make it. She doesn’t know yet if she gets any “survivor benefits” or not & they took back his January check only to hold it & reissue it to her 30-60 days from now. My brother & I are doing what we can but bills will start to mount. I can’t financially help because of my own health issues that I’m trying to get worked out & sadly haven’t been able to work. I help take care of certain things my parents couldn’t. Now I just help my mom of course. This fundraiser would be to help my mom with some bills, house payment, food & her monthly needs (medical & other). She has two fur babies that miss my dad terribly & now she’s unsure of how she can take care of their vet needs also. I feel horrible that I can’t help in more ways but then I saw an email from MudLOVE about fundraising. I took it as a sign it was something I should do for her. I’m checking into assistance for her just waiting on a few things to come through. Anything would help right now because things are getting tight for her & she’s worrying & stressing. I hate seeing her like that. I’d say thank you to all that are reading this but a simple thank you isn’t enough for the kindness & support given. Know I’m sending a hug to you all. You are appreciated.

Contact the host: kittigurl23@yahoo.com
$25 raised of $1000 goal
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