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NR2F1 Project Patient Voice
Hosted by: NR2F1 Foundation Fundraiser Ends: March 24, 2021
about this fundraiser
World Rare Disease Day, February 28th has us thinking about equity in research and treatment for rare disease patients.
Pushing for patient-led research, the NR2F1 Foundation is partnering with Backpack Health to help families and those living with Bosch-Boonstra-Schaaf optic atrophy syndrome (BBSOAS) manage, organize and securely share their health information.

This international patient registry will empower the BBSOAS community by having an active role in research that may lead to new treatments and a better life for all those affected.

In honor of the researchers and their discovery of these rare Nr2f1 mutations in 2014, we are setting a goal of $2,014.

Please help the NR2F1 Foundation in making history with the first-ever BBSOAS Patient Registry!

Thank you

Contact the host: carlie.monnier@nr2f1.org
$143 raised of $2014 goal
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