Makers Kit · $24

Includes everything you need to make 2 Friendship Bracelets!

Vionas · $6

Choose from 30 different colorful cord combinations!

Beads · $4

Anyone need a refill? Change up your message with extra beads!

The Viona cords (named after Mrs. Brown of course!) included in your Friendship Beads Kit feature an exclusive color combination.  Here's the breakdown:

GRAY = HANDCRAFTED - Did you know that when we start making a product, the clay is gray?

BLUE = CLEAN WATER - Shout-out to our partner, Water for Good!

PINK = LOVE- Starts with Mud, Ends with LOVE. How will you use your bracelet to love others?

GOLD = JOY - There's a pure happiness that comes from creating art!

Have you ever been inspired by someone? Maybe it was a family member, or someone at school. When our founder Luke was in 3rd grade, he found inspiration from his art teacher, Mrs. Viona Brown, and a special bracelet she taught his class how to make. This simple project inspired Luke to live his life as an artist and a maker, eventually leading to the creation of MudLOVE! All these years later, we're bringing you a brand new product to honor the legacy of Mrs. Brown and her passion for the arts. This is your opportunity to become an official maker of MudLOVE goods. We can't wait for you to join us!

Mr. & Mrs. Brown, back in the day!

Luke and Mrs. B, at the MudLOVE studio!

Plan out what you want your bracelets to say. Only 1 letter, number, or symbol can fit on each bead. Once you’ve got your word, count out the number of beads you’ll need.

Take your marker and fully color your first letter, number, or symbol on your stamp pad. Let the ink dry for 5 seconds, then press a bead against the colored character and apply light pressure.

(If you're under 13, ask an adult for help with this next part!)

Once you’ve stamped each bead for your bracelet design, set them on a metal baking pan and place it in an oven or toaster oven for 15 minutes at 350º F. Once the 15 minutes are up, let them cool off for another 10 minutes. Now you’re ready to make your bracelet!

Remove the clay clasp that comes with the Viona. String your beads onto the cord in the order you want them displayed.

Move all your beads to the center
of the cord, and tie a knot on each end.

Thread the clay clasp back onto the cord. From here you can either permanently tie the bracelet onto your wrist with two knots, or loosely tie the ends together.

We're taking the pledge!

With the launch of Makers, we're joining the global movement of companies giving back. 1% of the sales from every Makers product will support the advancement of art education, starting in our own local community.

Supporting our hometown artists

Spoonful of Imagination exists to overcome boundaries and redefine art as a critical and healing component of community life. Their philosophy makes this art studio the perfect choice for our first 1% partner!

Every Viona cord is hand-woven by our new friends from the El Hoyo and Monte Verde communities in the Dominican Republic. We've partnered with Vida Plena to provide jobs to women in search of dignified employment. Your Makers purchases will allow these amazing ladies to support their families and find new purpose in life!

Our nonprofit partner from the very beginning! Every MudLOVE Makers product will provide safe, clean water to people in the Central African Republic.

We worked with the awesome people at Cardinal to package up your kits. We love how they assist and advocate for people with disabilities and challenges!

The makers of your bright yellow stamp pad, Top Molds supports local communities and children, pledging 1% of their sales to art programs in LA!

Once you've made your first MudLOVE Makers bracelet, share it on social media with #mymudlove! We'll share our favorite designs from the community right here, to inspire your next creation!