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Kentucky Flood Relief
Hosted by: Maranatha Brethren Church Fundraiser Ends: April 15th, 2021
about this fundraiser

Jackson, Kentucky, and the surrounding area, is one of the most poverty stricken areas in America and has recently received massive flood damage from intense storms. Many have been left homeless, and there is much clean-up and damage repair needed across the region.

We are partnering with a local church in the affected area, The Happy Church, to help with the recovery efforts.

Help us turn pieces of despair into a picture of hope.

Contact the host: milesajm33@aol.com

$705 raised of $1000 goal
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Lovelies Bracelets | black  
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Handcrafted in Indiana and in partnership with Vida Plena.
Every product provides one week of clean water.
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