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Hope & Healing
Hosted by: Macey Wright Fundraiser Ends: April 30th, 2021
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I know that God has called me to this land to be an instrument of His healing, but first I must be healed. With all my pre-existing health complications and new ones arising, it is incredibly challenging to remain hopeful. 

I know that one day God will use me to bring Hope and Healing to others, and I anticipate that with great joy. 
But as many of you know, my health has become so poor that I have been forced to drop everything and only focus on medical treatment.

I am spending most of my days in the hospital or at different clinics having a myriad of tests conducted, meeting with various specialists, potential surgeries, more doctor referrals, and so on all to end up with just more questions… 
The latest update is that I am in the process of preparing for Jaw surgery, a few gastric testings will be conducted, and based on the results I may have to have another esophageal surgery, I am having genetic testing done because of Osteopenia, and I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. 
Come to find out, the Insurance in the United States was not covering ANY of my procedures because they were not “urgent care”, so that came at a huge blow. 
However, in August I was accepted into the Israeli insurance program so that I could at least have the basics covered. But all of my health complications procedures are done mostly outside the insurance range, and they are incredibly expensive. Because I am here on a student visa I am not allowed to work. The only income I am able to generate is from cleaning or nannying. And with the strict COVID Lockdown mandates in Israel, I have not been able to do much of that.

It is my heart's desire to be able to serve others. I pray that the Lord will use ALL of my experiences to one day help someone else who is struggling. I have no doubt that the Lord has called me here specifically for this time and to this place. I have the hope and faith that he will heal my brokenness and use those mended wounds to heal others.

Contact the host: maceywright17@gmail.com

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