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With Hope, I Made it Through

With Hope, I Made it Through

"I have always loved helping others because it gives me a feeling that I can't even put into words. A feeling of hope and happiness; knowing others are happy and that they know there are people out in the world that are thinking of them. It is so amazing that MudLOVE has found a way to make others happy and just be able to give hope.

I have chosen to get 'grace.', 'Survivor ♪' and 'hope.' crafted on my clay because they are ways that I get through life. I have chosen 'grace.' because God gives me grace, and I also give others grace and will always give others grace because life is not easy.

I chose 'Survivor ' because I survived the Haiti earthquake in 2010, and I did not think that I would make it through. I caught a disease and we had the American Red Cross and other organizations come to Haiti and help those who were sick. I was badly sick, but with hope I made it through. Hope is just how I live life. I feel that hope is something that everyone should have, because it is just a positive way of thinking in life. These three meaningful words crafted on my clay is my way of giving others and myself hope." -Guetchina L.

In this story: grace. | Custom band. |  hope. 

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