Hope and Hard Work

Hope and Hard Work

"As a coach, I want to teach my girls the values of hard work and always giving their all. Those were the values instilled in me by my parents and college coaches. 

This journey was never easy though: grueling days of battling myself and my self-contained thoughts of never being enough; coaches during my teen years making me feel miniscule to this big game. I always had hope. Hope that I would one day make myself an athlete through hard work and dedication, not through genetic talent.

I hoped each day someone would see these values. So I trained in the dark when no one was watching, to the days where everyone was. I may not have always succeeded, but hard work does not guarantee that. However, without hard work and hope, you will never see success. 

By grinding day in and day out, and leaving everything I had, I got to enjoy a game that I adored longer than most girls by playing at the Division II level. It was not always easy, but I had hope. My hopes to finish strong, walk with my parents on senior night, and graduate, came true through endless work and dedication. 

With hope, you are wishing for the best outcome. I wished that for myself, and as a coach, I wish that for all the young women that I have the honor of teaching the game to. Never give up hope!" -Jenna S.

In this story: hope.

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