MudLOVE isn't an activist. You read that right. MudLOVE is a company that makes and sells products. On its own, it is simply a tool.

But the people behind the brand have hearts and souls, and they are filled with love for their fellow humans. After the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery this year, the team put together a project to give people a tool to show love. Stand For Equality featured two bracelets to use as encouragement and conversation starters. 

We had one big problem. How do we pay for it? Our heart was to put these bracelets on the wrist of every person who wanted one. But as a small business, MudLOVE needs cash to keep the lights on. So we got creative. Luke, our founder, reached out to local leaders for pledges to purchase these bracelets at cost. This would cover our expenses and allow us to give these bracelets away. 

The pledges allowed us to give away 1084 Stand for Equality bracelets. 1084 conversation starters. 1084 ways to say "I love you." Today, we've given away the last of the 1084 bracelets. But the fight for equality continues.

Where do we go from here?

To answer that question we went back to our motivation: to love in the midst of hurt. It was obvious that we didn't want to profit from selling these bracelets. That was taking advantage of someone else's pain. But we knew these bracelets were powerful and were making a difference. 

MudLOVE will continue making these bracelets and selling them at cost: $3.00. Three bucks cover the cost of the clay, glaze, and elastic used to make each bracelet. It also covers the overhead to keep the business humming.

As we write in our Manifesto, "We will create opportunities to be a symbol of hope and encouragement in the midst and in the aftermath of brokenness. The gift of a bracelet or a mug is small, but the gesture of a MudLOVE gift is powerful.  We believe that the thoughtfulness behind a tangible gift can be a gentle reminder of love with a huge impact on one’s heart."

MudLOVE is not an activist.

You won't find MudLOVE marching on the streets or calling a congressperson because MudLOVE isn’t a real person. MudLOVE is made up of many different people with different views living by a core philosophy: to disrupt patterns of brokenness through a thoughtful and creative pursuit of love. Wherever you find MudLOVE you’ll find hope, love, and encouragement. This is all thanks to people like you who care enough to show people you love them.

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