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Think Inside the Box


CAUSEBOX subscription box


At MudLOVE, one of our most important values is that of giving. Through our partnership with Water for Good, every product you purchase provides 1 week of clean water to someone in need. MudLOVE was created with a desire to focus less on ourselves, and more on other people. With that in mind, we love when an opportunity arises to collaborate with businesses and organizations who are all about making a difference.

As you might have noticed, over the last few years, subscription box services have become incredibly popular. You can subscribe to boxes of pretty much anything for yourself, your friend, or even your dog. But what if there was a box that did more than just provide you with fun goodies? That's the question asked (and answered) by CAUSEBOX


That box is a beauty.


If you're not familiar with CAUSEBOX, imagine receiving a package every few months filled with exclusive products from your favorite give-back brands. Each and every item would tell a story, be ethically produced, and help solve a global problem. Sounds pretty great, right?

When CAUSEBOX invited us to be a part of their Spring 2017 box, we jumped at the chance! Not only was this a great opportunity to introduce MudLOVE to a brand new group of world-changing women, but we were also fortunate enough to be included alongside some fantastic new friends.


Our amazing "boxmates": Lili Arnold Studios, Altru Goods, Sasa Designs, Batch Remedies, BANDED, The Renewal Workshop, and This Bar Saves Lives!


So, what did we contribute to the box? Well, after lots of planning and designing between our artists and the CAUSEBOX crew, our pottery team came up with a limited-edition tumbler in an exclusive glaze color.


A berry good tumbler indeed.


We based the shape of these tumblers off of our newest collection of mugs. In fact, they're basically the mug without the handle. It might seem counterintuitive to leave that part out, but they'll still hold a favorite drink just fine. Plus, wait until you see the creative ways in which people have been using these cups! (We'll get to that a little bit later.)


Better latte than never... 


We make a lot of mugs each day, but when someone wants over 5,000 pieces, well, it's all hands on wheels. Every person in our studio who has the knowledge and skill to throw pottery was down in the basement, working every available minute to get this job done.


It's a dirty job, but someone's gotta do it.

Just keep trimming...

Each cup has a maker's mark, representing a member of our pottery team. These are Juan's handiwork!

Bisque fired and ready for glazing.

Glazemaster Chris at work.

Another firing? You're kiln me Smalls...

Cups on cups on cups.


After a few months of nonstop throwing, glazing, and firing, we were finally finished! Except, for the shipping... If you didn't know it already, MudLOVE is based out of a small town in Indiana. CAUSEBOX on the other hand, is out in sunny California. #lucky #totallynotjealous. So, after some phone-calling and calculating, we landed on a mode of transportation for all of these delicate vessels. A big ol' truck. 

When we say that this project took the efforts of everyone, we really mean it! Once the shipping pallets arrived on the street outside of our studio, we formed a human chain from our basement, up the stairs, through the hallway, and out the door, passing along boxes of tumblers one by one. 


"Are we done yet?"

"How about now?"

One small step for Nico, one giant leap for MudLOVE.

Daniel takes the opportunity to work on that beach bod.

Jess sticks with it.

Chance the Wrapper.

"Bye tumblers, hope you find your warehouse!"


Once everything was officially loaded up, we celebrated! And by we, it was mostly our pottery team. Well deserved, fellas.


Juan's so excited. And he just can't hide it.

4 heads are better than 1.

The pottery boys! (And if you look closely, the creeper girls...)

Sweet dreams. Just make sure to set an alarm 'cause we still have work tomorrow.


We waited patiently, and anxiously, for the CAUSEBOX team to let us know that the cups had been received without damage. Once that was confirmed [praying hands emoji], it was only a matter of time before subscribers would begin receiving their boxes!


The CAUSEBOX team. Champions of packing and shipping fragile objects.


What's great about this cup is that there's really no right or wrong way to use it. As boxes showed up on doorsteps, people started sharing their own unique uses for their new tumblers. It's been so much fun to see all of these different ideas!


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All in all, working with CAUSEBOX was an experience we won't forget! We've learned so much about what it takes to fulfill a massive order of pottery. We worked as a complete team; from throwing the tumblers, to designing the product cards, to figuring out the logistics, scheduling, and shipping. It wasn't always easy, but it was definitely worth it!

If you were one of the lucky subscribers to snag the Spring 2017 CAUSEBOX, don't forget to use your exclusive coupon code for! If you haven't shared a photo of your tumbler yet, go on ahead, and be sure to use #mymudlove.

If this is your first time hearing about CAUSEBOX, head over to where time's running out to sign up for the Summer 2017 box.


Looks like another awesome collection!


What are some of your favorite subscription box services? Would MudLOVE be a good fit? Let us know in the comments below! 



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