Shop Talk: Green Earth Multisport

Shop Talk: Green Earth Multisport

This is the first in our interview series with some of MudLOVE's amazing retail partners. Interested in selling MudLOVE products in your store? Apply here!

One of the newest shops in Winona Lake is making a splash in the community.

Back in 2009, MudLOVE opened for business out of a tiny garage in the Village at Winona. Over the last 7 years, a lot has changed! We've teamed up with bel kai to turn our dusty studio into the splendid (and less dusty) Belove. We've also seen several neighboring shops come and go.

One of the latest and greatest additions to the Village is Green Earth Multisport! If you like to run, swim, bike, and be active, this is the place for you. We visited with Green Earth's owner Paula Deming, and asked her a few questions about the shop.

Should we hire Paula as the new MudLOVE spokesmodel? She does have good taste in bracelets...

MudLOVE: How long have you been in business?

Green Earth Multisport: We opened on February 1st, 2016.

M: What kinds of items do you sell in your store?

GEM: Running shoes and apparel, swimsuits, goggles & other swim accessories, triathlon apparel, sports nutrition products, and more.

Custom 14 oz. mugs. Perfect for post-workout protein shakes.

M: What is Green Earth’s mission in the community?

GEM: Green Earth Multisport is committed to the promotion of healthy lifestyles by connecting people to nature through the love of running, biking, and swimming. We believe races aren’t won at the finish line. They’re won the moment you decide to be the best competitor you can be! 

Whether you walk, run, ride, or swim, we have the gear to help you get there. We have specialized running shoes, apparel, and gear from brands you can count on, like Brooks, Saucony, Mizuno, Salomon, Hoka ONE ONE, MudLOVE (hey, that's us!), SmartWool, Feetures, Balega, TYR, Zoot, EFS, Skratch, GU, Cilf, and more.

We also offer gait analysis and expertise to help ensure you find the best shoes and gear for your needs. 

M: How has selling MudLOVE products helped you accomplish that goal?

GEM: Selling MudLOVE products help Green Earth accomplish our mission by helping people connect with nature through providing a way to give back to humanity.

Double bands are great for logos. Green elastics for Green Earth.

M: What’s 1 thing that everyone should know about Green Earth? (A fun fact, upcoming event, etc.)

GEM: We have a full-time shop dog (#MadisonTheShopDog) and a part-time shop dog (#LunaThePartTimeShopDog). Come visit, pet the dogs, and become a part of the Green Earth Multisport community!

Suddenly we've got that warm, fuzzy feeling...

The next time you're in town, visit Green Earth at 807 E Canal St. Not a local? Learn more at For news, updates, and more cute dog photos, follow along on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.


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