Shop Talk: Foreveresta

What happens when you turn a 1976 camper trailer into a mission-driven shop on wheels? We asked Alexandria Bing, Owner of Foreveresta to tell us all about her amazing mobile store. This is definitely one of the most unique shopping experiences around, and we're so excited to be a part of it!

Can you believe this is the inside of a trailer? Kick back, relax, and shop.

MudLOVE: How long have you been in business?

Foreveresta: I have been in business for 8 months as we had our Grand Opening in February 2016!

M: What kinds of items do you sell in your store?

F: We sell so many unique goods! We have tees for men, women, & children, jewelry, notebooks, greeting cards, coffee mugs & tumblers, home decor such as pillows & wall art!

We spy MudLOVE! Do you?

M: What is Foreveresta’s mission in the community?

F: My mission at Foreveresta is two-fold. First, we are here to educate and facilitate purposeful purchasing. After a trip to the Dominican Republic, I recognized the need here locally to give others an immediate way to make a difference when shopping. Many of the goods we carry are working with organizations in developing countries creating sustainable opportunities for individuals and families. This includes clean water initiatives, rescues from human trafficking and prostitution, and training and support in businesses that empower families to come out of poverty and implement ethical business skills. Instead of grabbing your next purse from target or the mall, why not support a woman rescued out of prostitution who has handwoven your bag with the goal of supporting her family in her new journey!

Secondly, we exist to encourage and empower others to love and accept the person they were purposed to be through offering inspirational goods and a place to come sit, be still, or share!

M: How has selling MudLOVE products helped you accomplish that goal?

F: I LOVE being able to provide MudLOVE products at Foreveresta because they are bold in a simple way! The mission behind MudLOVE is close to my heart, making it exciting to get behind the company and spread the love. The products have been incredibly popular with all types of people! Its beautiful to see how one simple word can light a spark in someone, lift their spirit, or challenge them to press on in life!

A closer look. Classic bands hang out on a hand-built display.

M: What’s 1 thing that everyone should know about Foreveresta? (A fun fact, upcoming event, etc.)

F: I do have exciting news that I have yet to release publicly, but I would LOVE to share now! In October, Foreveresta will be launching a new movement called Love Notes! Love notes will focus on our second mission: encouraging others to accept, love, and value themselves as they were purposed to live. Love Notes is an opportunity for others to get involved and spread encouragement and love in their sphere of influence. We will be releasing our own t-shirt line at the same time, along with a few other goodies. I can’t wait to share this vision with everyone!

See you soon Alexandria. Thanks for including MudLOVE in your mission! You inspire us!

If you're reading this today, September 10th, you can visit Foreveresta in person at our Block of LOVE celebration in Winona Lake! Otherwise, stop in on a Thursday or Friday from 10-3 at 2329 Crescent Ave. in Fort Wayne. 

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