Small but mighty is the perfect way to describe our Customer Care team. All day, these ladies are taking your questions, answering the phones, and generally making the office a pleasant place to work. Today you'll meet Tess. She started six months ago but has already proven herself a superhero. Let's get to it. 

What do you wish we knew about your job?
If you're talking with MudLOVE, it's very likely that you're talking with one of two people. My coworker, Julia, and I make up the customer care team. If you call, email, or Live Chat on our website, you're contacting one of us. We communicate with everyone, from people needing help ordering custom bands, to our retailers placing a big order. There's a lot of communication that happens with two women fielding it all.

If you could describe your MudLOVE superpower, what would it be and why?
Healing. A large portion of what I do is help people solve problems for both my coworkers and the customers. Sometimes it's processing large orders, helping people with their broken bands, or answering questions about fundraisers. I do my best to find ways to make it right for everyone and make sure they leave feeling better than when they came to me.

What's that *one* thing you're really into right now?
Rainbows. I’m always into rainbows. Everyone gets a little excited when we see a one in the sky after a storm. The mixture of light and water to make color is fascinating. I try my best to keep that cheer all around me in my everyday life. I’ll sneak a rainbow in wherever I can at work and at home. Even my kids have caught the multicolored fever!
Do you have a favorite MudLOVE product?
The new doodles are my favorite right now. I love the shooting star and astronaut, because my daughter says she wants to travel in space when she grows up. But my all time favorite is the short tumblers though. They're the perfect size for me and my family at home. We have every color so my kids can always pick their favorite one! (Editor's note: HeartLand tumblers coming June 1st! Stay tuned...)

Thanks for sharing; we're so glad you're here Tess! 
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