In this week's edition of MudFOLK we get our hands dirty with Nico, a multi-talented production specialist. He has many skills, including making bracelets, custom stamping, and attaching handles to mugs. Nico is also a Lord of the Rings expert. Seriously, ask him to quote any part of the movies. Now, let's jump in. 

What do you wish we knew about your job? 
Of the many production processes I do every day, glaze wiping is my favorite. Every MudLOVE bracelet is washed in an underglaze after its first firing. Then the face is wiped of extra glaze to reveal the stamped word. I currently hold the record for most bracelets glaze wiped: 1800! 

f you had a MudLOVE superpower, what would it be?
It would be Super Wiping! I glaze wipe quickly and efficiently.

What's that *one* thing you're really into right now? 
I grew up playing Mario Sunshine, a Nintendo game on the GameCube console, and I’ve really enjoyed playing that again!

Do you have a fave MudLOVE product? 
The NEW Doodle Bands! They’re awesome. :) I have a sea turtle Doodle because I love the turtle in Finding Nemo. 

Thanks for sharing, Nico! We're happy you're part of the MudLOVE team. 

PS: We just released a new Doodle. Want to share your love of the open road and bugs in your mouth? Check out the new bike Doodle