Meet Marika. She's a phenomenal Assistant Manager leading our shipping team (we call it the Gateway Department). She leads her team with energy and spirit that can be felt throughout the shop. 

Let's not talk about work too much. But I'm curious, what do you wish we knew about your job?

I kinda wish people knew exactly how many packages we get out in a week (particularly in a busy season) because 9 times out of 10 it is almost twice the amount most people assume. Or better yet, that my team and myself are the last person any order sees or goes through; no matter how many bands you order, one of us tie, package, and ship it. It is pretty neat to see all the fun and cool things people order and to get to hear the stories of customers that either order online or come into the shop and talk to us. It can be pretty moving stuff.

If you could describe your MudLOVE superpower, what would it be? 

Probably making things disappear. We have a ton of stuff come into our department and we just make it go away. Poof! Not really; we ship it or put it away somewhere, but it's funny when we get things and we put them away or shipped and people come back to try and change something and be surprised that it's already gone. My job is to make sure things end up where they are needed, to make things disappear.

What's that *one* thing you've been into lately? 

One thing I've been into asking people lately is "What's something you know a lot about that the average person wouldn't expect or know about themselves?" Or "Does anyone have a fun fact of the day?" You can learn a lot from them. I've learned things about sharks, Disney, astrology, biology, corn, pseudoscience, and plenty of other topics. I have a pretty deep passion for learning new things and this question is a fun, different way to get all kinds of info. :) 

Finally, favorite MudLOVE product? 

My favorite MudLOVE product is probably doodles. The sloth, astronaut, either dinosaurs or the sun are probably my favorite; they are just precious.

We're so glad you're part of our team, Marika. Fun fact: Gateway Team ships 150 packages on average per week!