Meet Joey, a production supervisor on our Accessory team and today's MudFOLK

It's been a hot minute since we shared a MudFOLK so it's time to resurrect these fun posts. Today you get to meet Joey, the Accessory Team Supervisor. He's been at MudLOVE for over three years now and we're better for it. Let's jump in! 

Hi Joey! What do you wish we knew about your job? 

All of our clay products are made here in the studio, so if you've gotten a MudLOVE bracelet in the last three years there's a good chance that I played at least some part in its creation.

That's awesome! If you could describe your MudLOVE superpower, what would it be?

I would probably go with some form of matter manipulation. You know, like Green Lantern but instead of a magic ring it's just magic clay. Part of being on the Accessory Team is being able to take the clay and form it into many different products. Within a given week I might be making inspirational bracelets, bead bracelets, garden markers, doodles, and little beads for elastics, all starting from the same material: a lump of clay.

What's that *one* thing you're really into right now?

I've been watching quite a bit of tv lately and I've enjoyed watching some shows that I missed out on when they were originally airing. Community and Avatar: The Last Airbender are the two I’m really into right now.

What's your favorite MudLOVE product?

We just launched some new glaze colors for our mugs, and I really like the look of the Midnight glaze, but I suppose if I'm picking an overall favorite product I would go with custom bracelet. It may seem kind of like cheating since it's more of a template rather than a specific product, but I appreciate the creativity and the uniqueness brought out by the custom bracelet` option. I have a lot of fun seeing what things people want their custom bracelets to say. Most of the bracelets I have are inside jokes or just random wacky things that are great for drawing confused looks from those around me.

Thanks for all your hard work, Joey! Check out the photo at the top of this post for a look at some of the bracelets Joey has made for himself. Read the previous MudFOLK here