Today we'll meet the newest Staff Dad and ultimate people person: Jimmy Elsner. Dad by night, Employee Care Manager by day, Jimmy has his finger on the MudLOVE pulse, helping to resolve problems and guide company culture. Without further ado, let's dive in!

First, and most importantly, tell us about your son.

Charlie is 5 months old and has his mother’s passion and my energy! He’s a little guy but there is nothing small about his smiles and cries. He reminds me that time is one of the most important things you can share with another human. He requires a lot of attention but he’s certainly worth it! He’s currently into testing his vocal cords and screaming with delight. Hopefully that’s just a phase...

Hopefully! What's the most interesting part about being a dad right now?

Charlie is always changing and I've come to learn that this is the new normal for being a parent. Before having a child, I focused on trying to keep things from changing. Now, the roller coaster has started and the bar is locked in. It’s my job to enjoy the ride of parenting and hold on for dear life!

Switching gears to work, what do you wish we knew about your job?

Every person has (conscious or subconscious) expectations about what they want out of a job. In my role, I take time to think about how to deliver a common denominator employee experience that works for each person who is engaged in work at MudLOVE. In my role, I don’t focus on completing tasks. It’s more about learning what it means for each person to do meaningful and effective work each day and then figuring out how to build that into the routines, systems, and culture of MudLOVE.

If you had a MudLOVE superpower, what would it be?

At MudLOVE we do our best to practice the principles of lean manufacturing. Each day we use an exercise called “3S” which stands for sweep, sort, and standardize. This is one of my favorite parts of each day. It focuses on slowly working to simply eliminate waste from every process we do each day. My superpower would be to have “3S Vision” and see how to eliminate waste from  every system!

What's the *one* thing you're really into right now?

I’ve been into playing a sport called Spikeball for the past several years. Summertime means more Spikeball Tournaments and being able to play outside. I’m getting excited to compete some more in local and national tournaments!

Tell us your fave MudLOVE product:

I really like wearing our breathe. bracelet with black elastic. I usually end up giving them away which is why I need a new one!

Thank you for helping to lead this team, Jimmy!

So you're not sure what to get your dad? A customized bracelet is personal just for him, and it provides one week of clean water to someone in the Central African Republic.