Meet Isaac, Production Manager at MudLOVE and today's MudFOLK. 

Isaac is known for many things: his dry wit, his skill with the guitar, and most importantly, his cat, Maki. Read on to learn a little more about Isaac and his role at MudLOVE.

Hey Isaac! What do you wish we knew about your job? 

The biggest part of my job is to make sure our production teams have what they need to do their job. This includes things like raw materials, supplies, tools, and information. I find myself on the computer more than I'd like to be. I get to scratch the nerdy spreadsheet itches I have, but most days I miss working with my hands. 

If you could describe your MudLOVE superpower, what would it be?

I think my MudLOVE superpower would be to make things appear. Sort of like Red from Shawshank Redemption. To be fair though, it's easier for me because I'm not an inmate at a high-security prison. 

Totally agreed. What's that *one* thing you're really into right now?

I'm really into home improvements right now. My wife and I are first-time homeowners as of a few months ago, and we're pretty excited about making it a place we like to be. We just finished laying a tile backsplash in our kitchen. I'm also into the new Call of Duty game. I am not good, but I and the SAUS boys have a lot of fun. 

I hope we're invited to the house-warming party! Favorite MudLOVE product?

My favorite MudLOVE product is actually something we aren't launching for another couple of months, but I don't think I'm allowed to talk about it here. For my second choice, I'd have to go with our custom image mugs. I use cups a lot and I like that I can put whatever I want on them. I also have this old bracelet that was supposed to say "courage," but part of it exploded in the kiln and now it says "rage." It makes me think of that Dylan Thomas poem they read in Interstellar. 

Thank you for the ways you served our production teams, Isaac! We'll miss you! Read more MudFOLK stories HERE